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We aren't dead?  

Ok's pretty obvious where this group has headed so let's spruce it up a bit.

I'm looking for a small team, maybe 2 or 3 additional staffers to help run the club. Im not handing the club over just yet but at least someone here to keep it up to date and just bring it back to life.

So heres how to apply.
send me or the club a note

- you must be an advent digimon fan, can't run a club if your heart isn't in it.
- you must post somewhat regularly on dA. if you haven't updated your journal or gallery in like 4 months, nah.
- you must kinda already know how to run a club, because well, why run something you don't know how to do
- be at least a little bit more dedicated then the rest of us

Eventually when im comfortable, ill be passing the admin torch. but you gotta prove yourself worthy because i'd be pretty pissed if i let someone allow this club to go to utter sh*t.
More Journal Entries

FDD CLUB: Series


FDD CLUB: Series


:iconnelanequin: - :iconalphageneration:
Synopsis: In the spring of 2008 Yuki Denrei, the hero of the story, meets with a strange girl, who possesses the power to summon Digimon into the real world. When he is nearly killed by a Karatenmon, Dracomon appears to defend him and is his partner from that moment on. Soon they meet Shoji, a boy partnered with a Gazimon, and Shuichon, who lives together with her partner, Lopmon, for years now.
But even after meeting some of the Tamers of the 2001 Generation, strange things keep happening in Tokyo and somehow it seems that strange girl is behind all of it.

:iconcircini: - Digimon: Chrono Crisis
Synopsis: When a strange voice calls, a computer game unexpectedly drags ten strangers into a crazy adventure. with a flair of history and the arts, the ten teenagers bond together to stop a strange epidemic that's affecting the players of the popular game in the outside world, and a danger looming closer to home.

:iconpaperskribbles: - Digimon dosNET
Synopsis: The Digital World is under a Denial of Service attack. The constant flood of information has put a strain on it and has caused parts of it to render incorrectly...or to simply vanish. Against the wishes of the Celestial Digimon, Gennai has crossed the barrier into the Real World to summon their only hope: The Chosen.

:iconsakuyamon: - Digimon: eXodus
Synopsis: Coming soon...

:iconspicy-demon: - Digimon FDD
Synopsis: Each made up character weather it be DigiDestined or Digimon are called "FDD", which stands for Fictional Digimon and DigiDestined. They write their own fan fiction stories about their characters and the 'real DigiDestined'. Some even create websites about their characters. But they never in their wildest dreams, did they actually think that they would become their character. They each some how mysteriously receive a DigiVice. The next thing they know, they are transported into the animated world of The Digimon (also known as The DigiWorld), in which not only do they become animated, but they each find something surprising when they arrive.....their created Digimon!

:iconkanaloaa::iconberylunee: - :icondigimongalaxy:
Synopsis: The main characters of Digimon Galaxy are the new DigiDestined Noah Grim, coming from Scotland and Chicome Patecatl, coming from Mexico and - of course - their partner Digimon Ailumon and Azumon.
After arriving in the Digiworld by coincidence, they learn about the mission to help
saving the Digiworld with searching for the so called 'Legendary God Digimon', who are the only ones who are able to battle the evil forces in this world.
Noah and Chico start their journey, but they seem to fail finding the legendary god Digimon, until they realize that those 'God Digimon' are in fact their own partner Digimon Ailumon and Azumon, after Digivolving into their mega states.
Azumon's mega state, Aztecatlmon, as the sun god Digimon and Ailumon's mega state, Hakutamon as the moon god Digimon.
With this power Noah, Chico and the seven other DigiDestined manage to beat the evil forces and save the Digiworld, but they don't know, that this wasn't the end yet…

:iconkyubineo::iconsailorsun546: - :icondigimonlostgalaxy01:
Synopsis: After a presence awakens the seven great demon lords, the angel council sends four humans and the four most holy Digimon to fight back. Unfortunately they are consumed by the darkness as their Digimon turn on them. Now six young adults paired up with their own Digimon and Digivice must stop the four evil Digimon from draining the energy of humans and put a stop to their mysterious plans. But is there more to the story that they don't know about?

:iconbluster-squall: - Digimon: Nexus
Synopsis: With the death of the Digital World's 'light' the high ranking Digimon decide it is time to call upon their last line of defense. The Chosen Children.
In the small group, the new generation of DigiDestined must battle against their foes, themselves and those they are inclined to trust. Banding together they could save the Nexus between the Digital World and the Real World.
Refusing, and they risk the destruction of both...

:iconjusticecadet: - Digimon Real World Revolution
Synopsis: Three high school students, Tobi, Nao and Shou, are recruited by the Digital Operators to have their own Digimon companions. With the help of their veteran team leader, Hana, and some of the various recruits they have to keep the wild Digimon from running amok while keeping them a secret too.
The website will also contain some information about the first FDD series I made, and a few other selections too.

:iconh-boogie::iconbluster-squall::iconxuza: - :icondigimonreboot:
Website: Digimon Reboot
Synopsis: One thousand digital years ago, the Digital World was ravaged by a terrible war. The gods, those who were once guardians of the World, were locked in a battle against a parasitic evil which threatened to engulf everything in its path. As a last resort, the gods sacrificed themselves to create one final, massive blow against the plague.
The titanic explosion had a devastating side effect: the Digital World was rebooted.
What none of them expected was that the parasite had shielded itself just enough for a small part to survive the cataclysm. It recovered, and swiftly grew to rule the renewed World. With the gods left as less than memories, it made its thousand-year progress unhindered.
Twenty human years later, the parasite has begun to burrow into the real world.

:iconglitchgoat: - :icondigimonregenesis:
Website: Digimon re:GENESIS
Synopsis: One hundred digital years ago (a scant ten years in real world time), a mysterious man known only as Era invaded the Digital World. In the time since, he has overtaken over three-quarters of the Digital World; nobody seems to know what his plans are, but those who hold out don't want to find out. Only now, while those who remain fighting him lose hope, and fight not to win but to survive, does the Digital World finally resort to its last lines of defense-- Chosen Children from Earth.
Plucked from their daily lives, paired with a Digimon partner apiece, and led by the mysterious Deekamon, it's up to them (whether they like it, and each other, or not) to fight to take the Digital World back from his control, to find out what Era's plans are, and to prevent the possible destruction of the Digital World-- or worse.
You know-- the usual.

:iconjazzyj14: - Digimon Saviors
Synopsis: Years have passed since the war against human and Digimon. A treaty was signed saying that each race would remain in their own world and never bother one another again. But the Digimon break the treaty and begin wreaking havoc in the human world. But all is not what it seems to be. Digimon have been enslaved and upon the Sinful Seven's command, are sent to the digital world to conquer and destroy. It is up to seven kids that are chosen to be the next Digidestined alongside their own one of a kind Digimon. Will they be able to stop the Sinful Seven and stop the war before the humans and Digimon end up destroying one another?

:icongoldfish078: - Digimon: Sortas Project
Synopsis: A story about nine children who get pulled into the Digital World one day and acquire Digimon partners. The reason? They are being called because of a threat in the Digital World. A threat to destroy it all.
Through their travels they meet friends and they meet enemies, good Digimon and bad. The occasional mutated Digimon attacks them and they think nothing of it. But maybe there is more to these mutated Digimon than meets the eye. They seem to all have the same purpose: get rid of the Digidestined.

:iconxuza: - :icondigimonviral:
Website: Digimon VIRAL
Synopsis: Years ago, a tragedy tore the Digital World apart. Those who were thought to be trusted betrayed everyone and left ruins in their wake, before mysteriously vanishing.
An underground organization masked as the Digital Communications Network has been fighting to keep some semblance of control as the World rebuilt itself. However, evil Digimon were all too willing to take advantage of the ruined world, and now hold most of the power, forcing the weak resistance to remain in hiding. But now, they have enlisted the help of those the Digital World thought they would never have to deal with again - the Chosen Children.
Brought to the Digital World by their new found partners, the Children are unprepared for the scale of what awaits them. A sinister dictator Digimon whose sole mission appears to be to wipe out the DCN. A grander scheme which releases a wild monster into the Digital Gate. A deadly BioVirus which threatens to wipe out all both sides hold dear...

:iconwingeddream: - Eyes of a Digimon
Synopsis: An online manga about a boy named Zi and his trip into the Digital World after being in an accident, which led him to being in a coma. He comes across his partner, an animal-human hybrid Digimon that is unlike any other Digimon that Zi has ever witnessed. Her name is Raimon...

(To add your Series to this list, send the club a Note with the title, a link, and a synopsis! You can send both a DeviantART group and a website, if you have both.)




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SoDamToku Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016
Hello I am collecting concept art for a digimon moba. How would I do so?…
jojogape Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm considering sharing my current fanfiction, but its "website" is actually a Google Drive folder containing the episodes, and everything is written in Spanish. Is that okay?
jojogape Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
PS: Never mind. I can upload the episodes as PDF with no problems on DeviantArt. But still, they're written in Spanish. Also I'll send a note since it was the proper thing to do all along, heh.
ProjectArkStudios Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Hey guys, for anyone interested there's an OC character design contest happening and the top 3 designs will get included in our digimon fangame as actual player characters!

If anyone wants to find out more info, check out our site. Peace!
Marril96 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question: what does FDD mean? Are FDD all Digimon fanseries or something?
H-Boogie Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Fictional Digimon and Digidestined, or Fictional Digidestined and Digimon. whichever. 
Marril96 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks ;)
Kuroshiro21 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 20, 2015
My name's Kuroshiro21, and I have a series called Digimon: New Breed.… when you visit the page its still called Digimon:Untamed (which I hope to fix one day), and my art's not the best but hey we all have to start somewhere lol

Synopsis: In the new age of the Digital World, a new evil has arisen and is destroying the Digital World. Can the rebellion and the new Digidestined save it from itself. 
SpatzArt Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Just passing the word out about a new digimon group: :icondigimon-arcana:
Tamer submissions are open!
silver-wing-mk2 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool Club, awesome u guys support digimon fan series. if it helps me and a buddy are making one at the moment
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